Key Terms
Research types
Qualitative Research – based on in-depth responses to question which can include opinions.
Quantitative Research – based on numerical and statistical data

Research Methods
Primary Research – Research that you have conducted yourself and produced original data
Secondary Research – Research that has been already conducted and /or published by someone else. Please ensure that you use credible sources

Both primary and secondary research methods can involve Qualitative andQuantitativeResearch

Whichever industry you’re in, the ability to research is essential, but to get ahead of the rest it’s going to take more than a few clicks on a search engine to find the very best material.

Purpose of Research
Research undertaken by a researcher, organisation or company has 3 main purposes:

  • Audience research – the collection and analysis of information about the target audience for a particular product (app), service, industry or sector
  • Market Research – the collection and analysis of information about the market within which a particular product will compete with other products (apps) for an audience and for revenue
  • Production Research – the collection and analysis of information for the content and production of the app

It is important that you understand what these forms of research involve as you will need to apply all three to the practical production research activity you will be undertaking on projects.

Sources for Research