Pitching is an art form. You have to make your idea stand out from the crowd, connect with your audience and persuade people your idea is the best thing since sliced bread. How do you do all that? Follow these tips from Linda Cockburn and you should be able to pitch perfectly.

1.    Pitching is content plus performance
Remember you’re not simply selling an idea – you’re selling a relationship with your audience. They need to connect with you, not just your idea.

2.    Consider the problem your audience wants to solve
Whoever you’re pitching to, spend a little time in their shoes. If you were them, what would you want to hear? Their needs are your priority.

3.    Demonstrate benefits, not features
People want to hear what’s in it for them. You’re not pitching a cinema on the basis of a big screen, but as a place to lose yourself in a film. Again, give the audience something they can relate to.

4.    Nerves don’t matter, but speaking from the heart does
Be clear. Why are you passionate about what you’re pitching? Enthusiasm will shine through, even if you’re shaking!

5.    Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse
This is very important. You don’t want to pitch having not practised. You should always practise beforehand and make sure you get feedback.  You’ll feel less nervous pitching it for real when you’ve already gone through it a few times before.

Elevator Pitch
If you had 20 seconds to pitch your idea to a potential investor, what would you tell them about your idea and would you be to communicate your idea in just 20 seconds? Investors are very busy people and do not have much time to hear everyones ideas, so it is important to effectively communicate your idea in a short space of time.

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Can you concisely pitch your business or your business idea in 90 seconds? If so upload your Elevator Pitch at www/nea2f.co.uk/elevator-pitch

If you are not quite ready to pitch your ideas just yet we have made this video to help you. We hope you enjoy it.