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The rate of Youth Unemployment in Europe is about twice as high as the rate for the general population with some studies suggesting that youth unemployment costs the EU as much as €100 billion every year.  Europe’s future prosperity depends on its young people. They represent a fifth of the EU population and their skills and abilities will be decisive in achieving the Europe 2020 goal of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The YEU project provides young people living in regions of Europe which have some of the highest levels of youth unemployment with more effective online training on entrepreneurship so that are able to consider starting their own businesses as an alternative to unemployment.

Building on the outputs of an earlier Leonardo project (YENTELS), the project has developed an online learning platform that uses innovative e-learning technologies provides:

  • E-Learning Courses and training materials that focus on entrepreneurship (including online courses and video clips of existing “young entrepreneurs”);
  • A Serious Game with which you can practice and enhance your knowledge when you decide to run your own business;
  • A wide set of resources that make up the Knowledge Base;
  • Links to where to go to next for further information and help;
  • Enhance entrepreneurial capacity in the 7 partner countries & elsewhere in Europe.

Research carried out during the YENTELS project identified that young people respond to fast, responsive and visually stimulating learning methods. In YEU we plan to develop training materials that are more interactive and visually exciting. The YEU online learning suite also does the following:

  • incorporates social media technologies;
  • includes video clips of young people’s experiences in running a business;
  • includes a “Lite” version of the training for mobile learning environments.

The YEU outputs have been tested on a range of groups in each of the partner countries. These groups include:

  • young people not in formal education;
  • young people following a vocational course / work based learning;
  • young people in a range of education types;
  • young people employed in small companies;
  • representatives from relevant industry sectors;
  • Small businesses, educational institutions and social partners.

The YEU project is a partnership between business intermediary organisations (such as Chambers of Commerce), educational establishments & young people’s organisations from seven EU states.

YEU is a two year Transfer of Innovation project that is co-financed by the European Commission under the Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme.

To find out more about the status of the game the e-learning course and the resources, click on the appropriate pages.