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Why Enterprise Education

We see enterprise education as an important part of the education process, it is in response to developments in Education and Employment:

Enterprise Education ensures that students are prepared to face the challenges ahead
It develops a range of transferable skills
And more…

Enterprise For All – The relevance of enterprise in education: This report focuses on entrepreneurial spirit in education. It is the latest in a series of moves from the government to make sure that young people leave education ready to work, with the skills and experience employers are after. The review covers the full breadth of education and is aimed at education leaders, teachers and all those involved in policy and delivery of teaching and learning.

Lord Young’s recommendations mean that students will be able to rank university courses by their employment rates and earning potential. Other proposals in the report include:

  • the introduction of a new Enterprise Passport – a digital record of all extra-curricular and enterprise-related activities that students take part in throughout their education
  • a new national volunteer network of Enterprise Advisers co-ordinated by LEPs, working closely with school heads



Through our enterprise activities, young people will develop a range of transferable skills. The image below highlights some of the key skills.

Transferable Skills

University of Leicester – What are Enterprise Skills