EU Mobility

We want to provide your students with the chance to grow and develop, both in the workplace, and through cultural exchange. This experience will be invaluable for your students as they continue their journey beyond higher education and into employment. We will be on hand to greet your students when they arrive. We will also make sure that accommodation for the students is arranged prior to the start of the placement.

During their time on the placement we will remain a point of contact for the student should any problems arise, and will be in regular contact with all placed students throughout their placements to ensure satisfaction to both student and host company. We have our own monitoring processes in place but we are also flexible to assist universities with their systems and processes. If you are interested in finding out about Intern Placements then please contact us via email or telephone.

If you are an SME, we know very well the difficulties you face in looking to grow your business. Small businesses are caught between a rock and a hard place: Without investing in staffing resources and new skillsets, you can’t develop your business. Yet without developing the business, you can’t afford to invest in staff!

Small and medium sized businesses can benefit from the increased capacity that an intern can give them. Or maybe there is a specific project or body of work that requires a different skillset that your business is yet to acquire. If you can provide a supportive working environment where an intern has the opportunity to be challenged and can develop, then you could be an ideal candidate to take one of our interns.

We will match students and businesses based on the needs of both parties and what it is they want to get out of the experience. We will support the employer throughout the process to ensure the experience is beneficial to all. If you are interested in finding out about Intern Placements then please contact us via email or telephone.

We all know the story: Can’t get a job without experience. But how am I supposed to get experience if no one will give me a job? An internship provides you with not only that valuable work-life experience, it will also give you the opportunity to develop those soft skills that you just can’t learn in the classroom. You’ll also get the chance to use the skills you have learned and put them to practice to move a business forward. Not discounting the challenges and growth opportunities that living and working abroad in a different culture will bring. Student Internships are an exciting opportunity. We will find an employer that suits your needs. That will support and develop you throughout your internship. We will also be on hand to ensure you are settling in, with regular contact and reviews to ensure you are progressing. If you are interested in Student Internships then please contact us via email or telephone.