Visivae is about knowledge transfer and supporting the professional development of citizens seeking meaningful employment within the digital creative industries.

Nathan Dodzo is a passionate and innovative senior leader in knowledge and learning management, with first-class business, project management and sector-specific knowledge. Over a decade of solid and progressive leadership and management experience, including high-level positions over 25 years of delivering vocational learning; working as a broadcast professional, researcher, video journalist/news reporter and producer; creating professional audio/visual programming for a broad range of national and international clients and broadcasters; and boardroom activity.  A proven achiever and motivator, with a project delivery track record of excellent innovative vocational practice in partnership with a range of local, national and international partners. An ambassador for youth enterprise with a strong passion for future technological and skills developments.

Experience in:

  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Media Training and Consultancy
  • Partnership work in EU Mobility
  • Mentoring, Advice and Guidance
  • Employability and Entrepreneurial Skills development
  • Life Coaching and Motivational services